JF Sheehan


Been writing scripts, poetry and prose since early teens, starting with love of writing essays. The film Saturday Night & Sunday Morning was a big influence on writing. Joined DSW to improve scriptwriting skills, swap ideas and hope to learn from the more experienced members of group.

Play ‘Be True To Yourself’ performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and new one ‘He Can’t Move’ is due for inclusion in upcoming production of short plays with Derbyshire Scriptwriters. Poem 'Waters of Chad' published in local magazine (Feb. '21)


Also hope to have latest play 'Armada Ready' - a political farce taking place at number 10 Downing Street, involving the PM and 4 ministers. Completed in 23/2/21, hope to have it read by local amateur theatre group - maybe a Zoom thingy! Also looking to have poetry pamphlet produced. Also working on first Poetry Pamphlet 'No Borders to Poetry', to be self-published 2021.


Contemporary writing covering many subject matters; injustices, love, beauty, eco, laughter and memoir and hope I can bring a bit of life into the heart of every subject.


Love music (listening/playing) - all genres; dancing - all styles. Taught music 10 years in London, and dance for twenty years before back problems - forced retirement in 2015.


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