Lynda Aylett-Green

My day job was French and Spanish teacher but I enjoyed writing novels then found the best bit was writing dialogue. I joined Pomegranate Playwrights in Chesterfield and Derbyshire Scriptwriters to get some advice. The Pomy writers did some fund raising events for the theatre and DS engaged Rumpus Theatre to bring our sketches to life. I'd love to get a full-length play performed eventually, but that's difficult these days.

Teaching in Madrid, I visited Extremadura and discovered Moctezuma's Mansion. This inspired me to write and publish a fact-based historical novel 'An Aztec in Spain' about the Emperor's strong-willed daughter. Other novels followed, often inspired by location and strong characters such as 'A Topiary Garden'about Elvaston Castle near Derby where in 1828 the aristocratic dandy married a notorious actress and created a famous garden. Then 'Joe's Quarry' about Derbyshire villagers fighting a quarrying company to protect endangered species. Some of these stories I am now writing as plays.


I'm turning a novel I wrote about Voltaire into a play - 'Voltaire's Garden'. I'm a great fan of the 18c philosopher, satirist and campaigner for human rights, master of the witty one-liner. Also working on 'It's Good to Talk' about medics in psychiatric wards today relying on a chemical cosh rather than talking therapy. Serious subjects but they have their darkly comic side.


I like writing about strong, colourful characters, both historical and present day. These characters are often driven and campaigning as with the Aztec princess and Joe fighting quarrying in the Peak District. Twenty-five years teaching and nine frustrating years in local politics as a County Councillor have provided material for describing confrontation and conflict.


I like walking in Derbyshire - as a Londoner when I first came to the Peak District as a child I thought I'd gone to Heaven. I enjoy painting - landscapes, portraits and semi-abstracts and dancing - bopping about to pop music. I like gardening, though my small veggie patch suffers from slugs, snails, Cabbage Whites and cats. It's a tiny garden but it overlooks the lovely Wensley Dale (Derbyshire!)


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